Tim Campbell

Tim is our lead singer and plays acoustic guitar.  Born and raised in Virginia he embraces the Margaritaville lifestyle and loves to perform trop rock music every chance he gets.  A singer/songwriter, his songs "Landshark ",  "Salt" and "Saltwater Playground" are currently playing on several trop rock radio stations.


David Marks

Raised in Northern Va. David’s initial musical influence was in the form of 70’s & 80’s rock. That all changed in the 90’s when he attended a Buffett concert in Raleigh with family members. Since then he has embraced the “Trop Rock” lifestyle whether he’s playing guitar or just hanging out at the tiki bar. In addition to playing lead guitar David also plays harmonica and provides backing/harmony vocals.


Eric Borst

Eric is a veteran of stages and tours across the country, including times in the house band at Printers Alley in Nashville. Known for his high energy and quirky stage presence, he locks in the drive for the band.


Jim Parker

Jim is a long time blues and rock drummer who recently moved to Virginia from Long Island.

Leaving New York behind, Jim has found it easy to embrace a Tropical Attitude here in Virginia.


Jimi Naccarato

Jimi was born and raised in northern Virginia and has been performing since the Reagan administration in various parts of the region with a collection of musicians.